Ok Enough!

Today out of nowhere I decided ‘It’s enough’.

I am sitting on this semi-comfortable maroon chair, thinking shall I get up to make some tea for me. Well, I have been thinking of this since past 2 hours… arghhh!! This is me today and most of the days when it comes to writing my blog. Procrastinator becomes my second name.

I am not a procrastinator in my daily life. I keep hustling not just to make a living but to also live this beautiful-but-ugly-at-times life. I have multiple to-do lists based on duration like a weekend to-do list to an yearly to-do list. And not just that I make lists, my lists keeps on moving and updating. It gives me immense pleasure when I cross a certain task on my list *smiling at the moment*

In all this hustling, writing has taken a back seat. I have not been giving myself enough time to write my journal. This only proves that writing a blog is not even in the scene.

This is one part. The second part is –

I am unsure of what to write here so that my readers like it. I did not think this through when I joined the blogging world. But now that I have, I am constantly under the pressure of what you people will like to read rather than what I would love to write.

Hence my brain suddenly shouted ‘Ok enough’ and this maroon chair rocked as if agreeing to it.

This made me open my blog and write 🙂

From now I am adding blogging to my to-do list and going to write what I wish to share with you all 🙂

Hope it makes you as happy as me.


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Life Stitch

Has this happened to you?

You focused on whatever good is left in life when going through tough times. You focused all the energy on loose, discolored but unburnt threads. You regularly showed gratitude to the Universe and God for all that is not bad and lost and believed that these times are testing. You, like me took one good strand of life and started re-knitting your sweater from that end.

Unsure of what else to hold on to, this strand of thread became the center of life. With time you got hooked to the needle and hung your happiness by the end of the knotted thread as everything else was simply falling apart. Your obsession to make this sweater a piece of art reached extreme. It not only became a part of your routine but gradually became you.

For things to start making holistic sense, inclusion of revived strands became imperative. Moreover deep down you knew that one day addition of other strands will help in making the sweater strong. Like everything else this alone was not supposed to last forever.

That’s what I am currently facing. It not only has become my personality but also spoils mental peace and relationships. Any kind of obsession is unhealthy. Changes! even when good are difficult, specially when one has just attained some stability. I am well aware that I have to let go for my own good but its a daily fight with self.

Only by accepting the change, life will shower new opportunities. Only by surrendering I will get an absolute life. Only by manoeuvring other strands I will be able to complete my one of a kind sweater.

Only by accepting, I will be able to let go!

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The Trump Effect

Sharing the same thoughts with fellow blogger on American Politics. Although I admire Trevor Noah 🙂


I haven’t been writing about politics much in here, for a while, partly because I know that I have bloggy friends with very different views from mine and I don’t want to make them feel unwelcome, and partly because I need a place to escape from politics. But I realized recently that I’ve been leaving out a big part of why I feel the way I feel every day. I tell you about school, and religion, and dogs, and grief, all of which are huge parts of my life, but I also watch the news every day, and I am deeply affected by what I see and hear there.

grumpy cricket “I never watch the news.”

My brother once said to me that, of everyone he knows, I am the least tolerant of liars, as if I have a block against it (which makes the whole writing novels thing pretty hysterical!). So…

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Honest Emotions

Last week I was left amused for sometime and the thought it left accompanied me entire day.

Getting online is usually not the first thing I do in morning but sometimes your hand just reaches the phone automatically 😉 😀

As I logged into my Instagram account, saw this video of cute and innocent looking doggy on ‘dogs of Instagram’ and suddenly got this happy feeling.

The video: A super cute Golden retriever with squeezing eyes is sitting in front of his human parent, slightly waving his tail desperately hinting to be pet. He doesn’t move until his human does what he desires.

I was like.. damn!! you lucky doggo… you can ask your favorite human to pet you and even get on his lap and be all loved and appreciated. You can without any hesitation act needy and desperate knowing well enough that your human will not take advantage of you.

That’s the thing with pets. They are capable of showing exactly how they feel. It is just a natural emotion and not a form of weakness for them.

This left me thinking…

Humans have been forced to hide real emotions. We have been taught to force a smile in times when it becomes difficult to even getting out of the bed in morning and face people. If we cry we are advised against it. If we want to laugh we are under constant fear of judgement. This suppression turns into damaging emotions gradually.

It’s a blessing to be capable of expressing feelings without any fear. It takes courage to admit to people they are needed knowing it can used against us. But that’s the thing, we still need to be honest to our own emotions.

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Its a bright and beautiful day.

Sun is playing hide and seek behind grey clouds and flowers are blooming in your garden when you step out.

You take out your vehicle, wipe off the newly settled dust on its mirror.

Vroom!! you leave for your regular destination.

A little casual.. a little conscious..

Enough to not hurt or get hurt..

Just enough to reach safely…just enough to keep others safe..

As you smile and take a turn,

Another vehicle crashes into yours.

Your head goes spinning and you loose control.

Many times Life behaves exactly like this… it acts as irrational as it desires. Doesn’t matter if the other driver was driving rash and was not attentive…His reasons or lack of it..are his. Whats yours is…

It happened to you.

It altered your reality forever.





कुछ ठहर सा गया हो जैसे,
थकावट से मेरे पैर नहीं उठते |

मन भागता है चारों ओर,
मगर थकावट से मेरे पैर नहीं उठते |

ज़ुबानो की कतारों से रुह इतनी तो नहीं रोई,
जितनी थकावट से मेरे पैर नहीं उठते |

बहुत तेज़ तो नहीं भागी थी मैं,
जो थकावट से मेरे पैर नहीं उठते |

हालातों से तो नहीं हारी थी मैं,
फिर क्यूँ थकावट से मेरे पैर नहीं उठते |

कुछ ठहर सा गया हो जैसे मन में,
थकावट से मेरे पैर नहीं उठते |

Who am I?

I am my mother’s strong daughter

I am my father’s beautiful son

I am my sister’s right hand

And my brother’s rivalry fun.


I am my neighbor’s gossip worksheet

I am my friend’s shoulder to cry

I am my pet’s human toy

And my contemporary’s envious joy.


I am my onlooker’s eye-tonic

I am my stranger’s lonely smile

I am my society’s rosy wit

And my Universe’s irresistible grit.