Situational Care

You care, you really do
When I am done sobbing for hours
And you are done with your day
I eagerly wait for you
You come half awake

I wish to pour my heart out
You release a slight sigh
I tell you what all I could
You love me you say
I tell you that’s not the point
You tell me that’s how you pay

I tell me to be patient
While you decide to hit the hay

4 thoughts on “Situational Care

  1. Lovely poem! Please excuse my naivety in this interpretation, but I read some intentionally mixed signals in the work. It’s not a happily ever after situation, but something more born of the real world, where two people love each other but don’t know always how that is revealed or shown.

    Mind and Love

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    1. Hi Roger, I am glad you liked my work 🙂
      The first part of your interpretation is what the writer(me) has carried in the second part as well. It certainly is not a happily ever after (are there any?) . In this poem, the writer has tried to show small acts by partner which comes out as lack of empathy. Both love each other but are they emotionally supportive? You will get the conclusive part of the story in last 2 lines.


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