Teacher’s Day

Dear Heart,

You have been strict
You have been soft
You have been adamant
You have been what not
You have me carry you on my sleeves
Most importantly, dear heart
You have been what I stopped being.

Thanks for teaching me what my brain could not.

Happy Teacher’s Day!



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Situational Care

You care, you really do
When I am done sobbing for hours
And you are done with your day
I eagerly wait for you
You come half awake

I wish to pour my heart out
You release a slight sigh
I tell you what all I could
You love me you say
I tell you that’s not the point
You tell me that’s how you pay

I tell me to be patient
While you decide to hit the hay


Reflect on self, once in a while..

How far have you come…

What have you gained on way..

Who have you lost…

Was it all worth..

Is this what you wanted..

If not, why not…

How far you have to walk..

Are your feet tired..

Does your soul still has the spark like when you started…

Are you the same person any more..

Just once in a while, lost in the jungle of thoughts try to find a hut for self…

PS: This picture is a reflection on granite bench in the park.

Who am I?

I am my mother’s strong daughter

I am my father’s beautiful son

I am my sister’s right hand

And my brother’s rivalry fun.


I am my neighbor’s gossip worksheet

I am my friend’s shoulder to cry

I am my pet’s human toy

And my contemporary’s envious joy.


I am my onlooker’s eye-tonic

I am my stranger’s lonely smile

I am my society’s rosy wit

And my Universe’s irresistible grit.